Data Center

  • Server Virtualization - There are many reasons to virtualize your data center, but ultimately, the leading one becomes savings. There’s the cost savings of cutting the number of physical servers required, the space saved in the data center from removing the machines and the energy savings from not having to power and cool racks and racks of hardware.Our server virtualization solutions and strategies can easily be expanded to include disaster recovery.

  • Desktop Virtualization - Desktop virtualization solutions provide IT with unprecedented control of the desktop and laptop environment, and help to secure computer, network and data resources. New personalized virtual desktops can be deployed in minutes, not days, with consolidated and integrated management of virtual and physical infrastructure.

  • Backup and Recovery - Data is the lifeblood of many organizations, and the loss of data or access to data can be traumatic to the bottom line. By ensuring that applications and data are protected and available at all times, comprehensive business continuity solutions provide protection for planned and unplanned outages.

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