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Is Outsourcing IT good For your Honolulu business?

Many small to medium-sized businesses in Honolulu find it difficult to retain a staff of IT professionals with diverse knowledge and skills.
Companies that try to hire a full-time IT staff find themselves paying significant salaries and benefits to keep the people they need on hand. Unfortunately, they also find themselves requiring some sort of outside support. This isn’t cost-effective and convenient.

Why Is Outsourcing To SaveGreenIT good for your business?

SaveGreenIT Outperforms at half the cost of using In-House employees.
You can benefit from:

  • A team of IT consultants who will serve as your Total IT Department.
  • A professional that compliments your in-house staff.
  • An IT consultant who can serve as your internal technical advisor.
  • Professionals with twice the amount of experience on average than other IT companies.
  • An experienced IT consultant who can provide support to your business on a daily basis.
  • A dedicated IT consultant who can align technology with your business goals, not just handle technical issues.

Finally, a trusted friend for your technology needs

Our team works alongside you to make sure that you achieve the vision, support and tools you need to be successful.

We offer support that leaves you with a smile on your face - IT support that is friendly, reliable and knowledgeable. All within your budget.

Keeping your business working at your pace

We help companies reduce downtime and increase productivity by taking a proactive approach to your network and systems.

By planning ahead and addressing your needs before they become emergencies, your business can move at the speed you need it to!

We are Patient and Pragmatic

Technical expertise represents less than half of the required skill set for an IT consultant, the rest if a mix of patience, experience and clear communicators who can translate complex technical concepts into plain English.